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Can we take a moment to talk about the best drills in the fate universe?
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Where my Nichibros at?
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JoJo Thread
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Buyf/a/g thread

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Read the guide before asking questions : http://tinyurl.com/buyfag
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What's up /a/, you know what time it is: A Galaxy Angel thread. Last week I stayed on my ass for 12 hours interacting with the few GAbros we had and I'd like to think I even got some anons into the games. Talk about anything GA related, it's all something we love. If you weren't here the last two decent GA threads, the situations for the game goes like thus

The First trilogy is readily available and are completely translated. I used the site Erogedownload since they have all the links working last time I checked. The order goes Galaxy Angel, Moonlit Lovers, and Eternal Lovers.

The Second trilogy however can only be played on a PS2 emulator (I recommend PCSX2) and with the proper files. Check some torrents. I believe another anon mentioned that he was seeding all three games while I'm seeding the 2nd and 3rd. The second series' order is Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira (ZRnT), Mugen Kairo no Kagi (MKnK), and Eigou Kaiki no Toki (EknT).

I wish to make a thread every Friday and if it is successful, have it carry on over to the weekend. Due to a rather recent computer switch, I don't have my data for the first trilogy so I will be replaying them. I've 100%'d ZRnT and can post some shitty cropped pictures (they''re decent enough). I'll be posting some pics of my replay of the 1st trilogy and eventual CG's of the MKnK since I've only done 2 routes but I'm currently on a 3rd playthrough.

Let's have a comfy time, have some music


And if you liked that, have all the tracks from the first 3 games.
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Just finished this one..
The mangaka is like the Haruki Murakami of the manga.
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Which AgK the sexiest, /a/?
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What do you think about Monster?
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Hunter X Hunter

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Does this show get better? I've only seen 45 episodes and ever since the end of the hunter exam I've been extremely bored with it.
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