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ITT: Characters that /a/ used to like
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Just finished SamFlam. What a rollercoaster.

I rate it a 10/10. I'm not baiting or anything, I think it's one hell of an anime that does so many things within 22 episodes, with one of the best final episodes I've seen.
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Slowpoke Bleach Thread

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Cirucci fucking lives! Suck it Quincies!

Do all those shinigami zombies crave "it" too? Or is that only for Quincies that have been zombified?
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How's that NEET life going /a/?
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villains who did nothing wrong
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Manga - god tier, Anime - utter shit, Movies- pretty damn good.
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this blacksmith and this gay mahou shoujo have blood relationship?
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Non Non Biyori

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So does anyone know how this show has been doing so far in America, like with ratings and viewer reactions to it? I know it's practically a cultural icon in Japan.
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