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Linux Sucks

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Why would anyone use Linux, I finally thought I would try it in a dual boot, but debian won't even install. It gives pic related, what a piece of shit
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Pick your poison.
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So, I kinda like Ao Haru Ride. Is anyone else watching this show?
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Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK

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Spoiler Week is only 4 days away, share your collective theories, speculations & character love here in the meantime.

All shingekis are love.
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Waifu Thread

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You're waifu or husbandois a wonderful person, and so are you.

I hope you're taking good care of her, because she deserve it.

First question, if she entered your room right now as you read this line, how fucked are you ?
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How do we stop yuri from dominating sales?
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older sister > younger sister
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My little VRMMORPG can't be this cute

Continuing from >>111169351
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Girls und Panzer

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>Control + F catalog for 'Panzer'
>Confused when no results
>Scroll through catalog
>No GuP thread
I've become addicted to these threads. Time for the next one!
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