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Alright /a/. A lot of people on here constantly recommend this show and shower it in high praise. I have some legitimate questions regarding Tatami Galaxy.

Four episodes in and I am just not seeing it. I want to be convinced to keep going and to be convince that I'm just a faggot and not seeing the brilliance. But really is this show being praised just for being unique, or is there something more? I can't get past the mile a minute dialogue which doesn't allow me to sit and actually process what I am reading (hell sometimes I miss lines altogether). And the characters and situations are just kind of weird, confusing, and unlikable to me. I want to like it, but I just don't know.
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Wow. This scene.

This is probably one of the edgiest anime out there, I think. Why do people say that this is bad? This is a fantastic show, definitely better than Madoka, if we go by Urobuchi shows.

Can we get some Fate Zero discussion going?
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>has a power sign on his hand
>implying he's not the most powerful jojo by the end of part 8

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Sorry, guys. I've gotta go.

Would you mind taking care of this Rin while I'm gone?
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>Your mind when this is the end of 4.44
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Homura Thread

Post worst girl and talk about how she should just die already
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Tsun is love.
Tsun is life.
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Drawfag Thread 1218

second rarfag's files until thread 1209:

Draw Friends Booru!
Please help a little by tagging pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists:

Can't find the thread?
Missed a delivery or sudden 404?
Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide:

Thread 1217 >>105689400
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Which was the bigger mess?
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I'm not a Rei fan, but damn she looks fine.

Eva thread.
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