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Girls' Work thread

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- Hoshizora Meteor is now more known thanks Sekai Seifuku.
- Ufotable became the main and the best animation studio for Type-Moon.
- A good chance that OST will be done by Kajiura.
- Ufotable claim that this is their most challenging project yet.

Are you still looking forward for Girls' Work?
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Saki: Tanoshii

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oh god why do i see so much of myself in her
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Precure Thread

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Precure Thread
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First time on /a/ in a while, what's everyone been talking about?
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>that "trippy" episode of your favorite anime
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Chaika. Thread!

Also, could someone please make this gif into one of those party hard ones?
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Who's hyped for studio ghibli yuri?
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So I just started reading the 8th volume. Is this just a series of flashbacks that didn't get told in the earlier volumes?
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