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Let's discuss Totally Spies

What was your favorite gadget of the day?
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Kamen Rider Gaim – 26

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What does /m/ have?
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/m/ related confessions thread

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The only 70's /m/ show I've seen is Gundam, I usually prefer remakes/newer series or OVAs like Getter Robo Armageddon, Shin Mazinger, the newer gaiking etc.

Heisei > Showa

I'm not really interested in the brave series besides GGG, I found fighbird and might gaine to be pretty boring

I like gurren lagann.
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Say /m/ did anyone sub the DVD rips of Dancouga Nova yet? Are said rips available? Also Nova general.
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Rail Wars. Airs this Fall apparently.
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Mecha Firsts

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Hey /m/, I'm currently trying to figure out/find out which shows did certain things in the mecha genre first. So far I've got the following (please correct me if they're wrong):

First Mecha Show: Tetsujin 28
First Directly Piloted Mecha: Mazinger Z
First Combiner: Getter Robo
First 'Real' Robot: Mobile Suit Gundam

Are these actually right? Also, are there any more notable 'firsts' that I should be adding to my list, like 'First Fully-biological Mecha' and such?
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SRWZ3-1 story spoiler thread

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I 1) Cleared the game and 2) Understand Japanese. Any questions?

Also general story discussion.

Went on all the FMP routes and chose to believe in Char.
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