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I'm depressed.
Why don't we see /m/ TV series with the production values of Attack on Titan? The last few episodes of that have had movie quality animation and detail (certainly putting those actual theatrical Berserk movies to shame). Even the biggest TV mecha franchises like Gundam don't display a fraction of the choreography and smooth animation seen in the average Attack on Titan episode (obviously OVA stuff like 0083 compare very favorably however).

And if Gundam, which is like the only /m/ that Japan gives a shit about, can't deliver visuals like these, then what else has a chance?
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All-time favourites

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You know it /m/ the tame has come.
Roll your all-time favourites.
Keep 'em /m/-related.
Don't be lazy.
Don't shit on other's people opinion.
Appreciate your bros.
Size for pics is 350x500. Have the template.
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Kamen Rider General #218

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Is Masked Ridurr the worst thing /m/ related?
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Families of scientists are moving to new houses in Unha Scientists Street here, built under the guidance of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The houses, each consisting of 3~5 living rooms, are furnished with 10-odd pieces of quality furniture and with daily necessities.
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I know I'm behind the curve, but this is a pretty fun show. A bit of a mess, but fun.

Or was. I just watched episode 22.
Jesus fucking Christ.
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How bad are Votoms: Shining Heresy, Alone Again and Phantom Arc? Because I heard they turn Chirico into such a Gary Stu in them that it would make even Seed Destiny Kira Yamato blush.
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So can we talk about how Power Rangers is alot better then Shitty Sentai? Tommy is alot better then captain marvelous anyways :P
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Hey /m/ I finally got caught up on a few animes of 2013. I just have one question about Valvrave. Did Saki get raped by Haruto? It was pretty grey and I didn't understand it.
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What is the worst ending to an /m/ story ever? Pic related.