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CYOA Thread

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Old thread died.
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help me /tg/ you're my only hope

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sup /tg/

I'm new to tabletop RPGs, playing my first game in pathfinder with a couple more newfriends. A couple of them have played before, but we're not experts by any means.

One of us made a coldborn skinwalker (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/other-races/more-races/standard-races-1-10-rp/skinwalkers-10-rp#TOC-Werebear-Kin-Coldborn-), and we're unsure how exactly shape shifting works.

Can he take the form of a human, a hybrid werebear and a normal bear, or is his shapechanged bestial form a whole different thing?
Does anything change other than the small ability score/skill changes (-2 wis, +loads to climb) when he goes bestial?
How exactly do natural attacks work and is he limited to only using them and not weapons?

At the moment, it seems to be nothing but a nerf, because he's a fighter and it works out better to just hit things with swords and feats than claws, but we're almost certainly working it out wrong.

Also, are there any feats recommended to make bear combat better?

Sorry about all the questions, but any help is appreciated.
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Heed my woes, fa/tg/uys. So there is this friend of mine that helps me a lot with Beta-testing a lot of rpg systems out there. He came out today and said he wants to beta-test a system with me. Well, "what's wrong?", you guys might say. It's FUCKING LAMENTATION OF FIRE PRINCESS or whatever this shit is called. I know he helped me a lot in the past but still, this is so fucking wrong...How do I Nope the fuck out without angering/hurting him?
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Which Warhammer 40k RPG?

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What it says on the tin. Rogue trader, dark heresy, deathwatch or Only war? Oh, and black crusade. Which is better (for which situation).

I'm looking for something that isn't just 'everything dies all the time', which admittedly is kinda stupid when you consider the setting. But I want there to be a small (very small) glimmer of hope for the players, perhaps the occasional humorous event.

Before I crush it with my Powerfist.
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Something Else!

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Todays something else:

Wargames convention stuff.

Aka: Shit I wish I could afford to do/be skilled and dedicated enough for.
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Exalted Quest (Session 32)

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After the third cold tea in the day, enhanced with a couple of biscuits, you feel a bit better.

You might have found ways to increase your physical endurance, but it apparently doesn't enhance your mental focus, and the while day has been almost nothing but non-stop meeting people.

Which is something you normally enjoy, sure, but all of those meetings ended up being stressful in one way or another.

...Except Pyre Spark, maybe. You concede yourself a smile reminiscing about the priestess.

You glance outside the window: the sun, after passing through the highest point of its orbit, is slowly falling back down towards the western sea.

As you put your tea cup back down on Millian's tray, she maid asks: "Should I bring the last guest in, miss Maka?"

"The wandering martial artist, right?" He was introduced to you as such.

>Show him in.
>I'll meet him later this evening.
>I'll meet him tomorrow.
>I'm not going to meet him.
>Actually, Millian, I need you to (what?)
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Character Art

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I'm going to drop some random non-assorted character art, fantasy related. If anyone could be so kind as to dump some druid art, that would be great. Preferably a darker sort of Druid without looking blatantly evil.

I can take requests, but I dunno exactly how effecient I'll be.
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Is there any reason why chubby elves WOULDN'T exist?

I'm trying to justify this fat fuck to my autistic friend.
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Can Eldar die of old age?
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Quest Thread General

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