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[WoD][cWoD][nWoD]World Of Darkness General

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Welcome to a new edition of World of Darkness General!
> Mummy: How do you treat your cult?
> Geist: Strangest ghost you've encountered?
> Promethean: Tell us how you look!
> Demon: Embeds, what's the single most versatile you've ever used?

For actual books AND pdfs (both editions):

WoD Canon Index

Sheets, fonts, and other useful stuff

Blogs and info - tabletop

Info - LARP

Release schedule for this year

Modern character portraits (humans, vampires, changelings, and more):

Gentleman's Guide to Vampires.

V:tR (still in progress)

Opening the Dark (free WoD-based sytem)
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What is your opinion on Settlers?

A great game that is good for introducing new players into actually good boardgames or an overhyped blight on the boardgame scene?
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Homeopathy: Like Cures Like

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If you take a drop from a Potion of Inflict Light Wounds (basically a magical poison), mix it with 99 drops of water, shake it vigorously, take one drop from the new mixture, mix THAT with 99 drops of water, shake it vigorously...

... and then repeat the process until you have a dilution of 1 part Potion of Inflict Light Wounds and 1 trillion parts water...

Do you get a Potion of Cure Critical Wounds? Maybe even a Potion of Heal?

How would you play a homeopathic wizard, /tg/?

What about a cleric of the cosmic force of homeopathy?
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Do you try to scare your player-characters /tg/?

Just for flavor I was reading the Heros of Horror "creepy effects" keep in mind that most are terrible "door creeks in distance but when moved by character it makes no noise" but some got me spooked.

How do you spook your players? Have you ever made your BBEG horrifying? Made up rules for a being of terror?

It would be so nice to have some kind of BBEG who would always follow some sort of eerie sound or effect like wind rushing out of a room or causing nearby characters to wither away in a matter of seconds (fuck it instant death/makem cry).

Best system for spook campaign?
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ITT insectoid races

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Do you use them? If so, which or how?
I've always had a weird lorefetish for insectoid races and just kind of accumulate them. I sometimes try my hand at designing races/cultures based on different insects or arachnids.
Do you do anything similar? What have you made/discovered that is interesting?

Also which insect race is most superior?
It's moths.
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X-Wing General

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X-Wing General: Flying is for Droids Edition

>List Building

>Full Card List

>Youtube Channels for X-Wing
Team Covenant

Post lists, discuss upcoming releases, complain about Echo and so on.
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40k List General

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Ok fella of /tg/ it's time yet again

Chaos Lord - Bike (20), Sigil of Corruption (25), Powerfist (25), Lightning Claw (15), Mark of Nurgle (15), Melta-Bombs (5) - 170

Daemon Prince - Daemon of Nurgle (15), The Black Mace (45), Mastery 3 (75), Wings (40), Power Armour (20), Spell Familiar (15) - 355

Noise Marines x10 - Sonic Blaster x7 (21), Blastmasters x2 (60), Melta Bombs (5) - 266

Noise Marines x10 - Sonic Blaster x7 (21), Blastmasters x2 (60), Melta Bombs (5) - 266

Helbrute - Multi-melta, Missle Launcher (10) - 110

Chaos Cultists x20 - Flamer x2 (10) - 100

Chaos Cultists x20 - Flamer x2 (10) - 100

-Fast Attack-
Chaos Bikers x5 - Meltagun x10 (20), Power Weapon (15), Melta bombs (5), Mark of Nurgle (30) - 180

Heldrake - Baleflamer - 170

-Heavy Support-


Havos x5 - Autocannons x4 (40) - 115

Havos x5 - Autocannons x4 (40) - 115

Leaving me with 1947 so 53 points to play around with.


Maulerfiend - 125

Maulerfiend - 125

Leaving me with 1967.

What do you think? Could this work?
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>MJW Don't be playing ROCK&RHINOS for many seasons
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Sup, /tg/
I need an itsy-bitsy bit of help.
My players want to face some irish/welsh/scottish mythological heroes in campaign, but I have no idea about any of them, except Cu Chulainn.
Could someone list me about 5-10 irish/welsh/scottish heroes - just names, their most famous deed and what weapon they used?
Thanks in advance!
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Alright /tg/, I could use your collective help. Attached are the basic core rules for a sci-fi/cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic, though potentially multi-setting, multi-genre RPG I've been working on for about a year. If you lovely souls would have a look and criticize my work with the utmost vehemence and brutality, I would really appreciate it.

I decided to use ye olde standarde D20 for pretty much everything, so the combat is somewhat weak. The main rules are obviously FAR from finished, and the Armory is outdated, but should give a decent idea as to the theme and nature of the game. We've considered using models in the future, but its just pen and paper for now.

tl/dr make fun of my shit rpg please