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/dsg/ - Dark Souls I & II/Demon's Souls General

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Laurentius is a sexy beast Edition

3 Weeks for PC Version of DaS II

Get yourself added to the new Players List Pastebin:

Ancient Primeval Previous Thread >>64436801

Dark Souls 2 is out! (for consoles)
PC players will have to wait until the 25th of April.

>Basic Character Planner

>DS2 stats, softcaps, info:
>Rings and Keys:

So what do ADP/agility do?

Where to buy shit, and from whom?

>Covenant Locations

>General Tips

>NG+ Checklist

Interested in a no bonfire run?


Platform chat and Facebook Pages and Increased Social Connectivity and Buzzwords

#/vg/DarkSouls @
>/dsg/ Nogames Chat
Message PSN:Party1Poison to join
>/dsg/ Steam Group
>Official /dsg/ Player List


Dark Souls (not 2) information here:

CodeUSA, AKA Deathstroke on Steam, is working on a save patcher for Dark Souls in anticipation of GFWL shutting down, which will hopefully allow you to keep your saves.
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Bioshock General #VitaChamber

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In which hope remains and not all is lost.

Official Archive:
Official Pastebin: (FAQ, Fanfics, and other things)
Official Elizabeth Image Collection:
Official Bioshock Wiki:
Official Steam Group:
Official DeviantArt Group:
Official /bsg/ Visual Novel:

Burial at Sea - Episode 1 poll:
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/srg/ - Speedrunning General

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JRPG General

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Hide your chocobos Edition

Last thread: >>63925593

Personal suggestion list, use this to see what JRPGs interest you, or add/edit a write up to help other people.

Current FAQ. Generally the simplest questions have answers in here, so check it out.

Upcoming games list:
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/srg/ - Speedrunning General

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/tfg/ - Titanfall General #10, I think

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Bioshock General #FemmeFatale

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Femme Fatale Elizabeth Edition

Official Pastebin: (FAQ, Stories and other things)
Official Elizabeth Picture Collection:
Official Wiki:
Official Steam Group:
Official Archive:
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League streamer "Hafu" nude-pic leak?

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LoLfags do you know about this cool female streamer Hafu? Are threse nudes real or did I get fuckin trolled?
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BL + Otome Game General #34

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BL + Otome Game General #34



BL Downloads:

Otome Downloads:


Translation status:

Previous Thread >>62509440
Thread Archive:

Only YOU can prevent shitposting thread derails
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Guild Wars 2 General : GW 1 to GW 2 Edition

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